Cell Phone

Physical Damage And Water Damage With
A Cell Phone Just Don’t Mix.

  • Your screen is broken…
  • The cell phone won’t charge anymore…
  • The camera doesn’t work…
  • Your having microphone, speaker, or headphone issues…

Some functions will still work, but the glass is splintering on your finger.
Physical damage does more than just make certain parts not work.

Corrosion Damage

Water itself does not kill your phone. Corrosion does. When water and electrical
components come in contact with each other, corrosion begins. This in turn
damages the tiny electrical components on your motherboard and on the cables
and buttons on the inside of your phone.

What You Need

You need a Level III Cell Phone Technician to determine how to repair your cell
phone. Come to Fastfix Jewelry and Watch Repairs and let our Level 3 Certified
Technicians diagnose and repair the physical and water damage done to
your cell phone.

You can get a refurbished one from the insurance company if you have insurance.
If you don’t, then bring it to Fastfix Jewelry and Watch Repairs. We are the place to go when there’s too much contract left at the end of your phone!