Water Resistance in Watches, Measuring Gold and More

Welcome to our education section, where you’ll find information on watches and water resistance vs. water proofing. There are many misconceptions about a watch and its ability to withstand moisture. Also, have you ever wondered why gold quality is “karat” and diamond size is “carat?” Check out our information about the history of those ancient words.

What makes yellow gold be white when it’s turned into jewelry? Find out the alloys used and then read on to understand rhodium plating and what it can do to brighten your jewelry.

No jewelry website would be complete without a section about the four “Cs.” Included is the reason why color starts with the letter “D” and not “A.”

Just for fun we included a section about the origin of the crown jewels of England. It’s just a great story.

Finally, we included the ABCs about birthstones. Those also have a fascinating place in ancient history.

We hope these references assist you in making more informed buying decisions, and we invite you to contact us with any further questions or concerns you have.