Battery Changes

Watch Battery Replacement And Gasket Checks

You thought your watch was waterproof and you had the battery changed and ever since then water has gotten into your watch. So what happened? Did the people who changed your battery do it wrong? It never got water in it BEFORE the change.

Watches are like cans of tennis balls and once opened are difficult to return to factory condition. Gaskets also take a beating in day-to-day wear. Most people know there is a gasket on the back of your watch case but there is also one inside the crown (the small knob you use to set the time) and one around the crystal. They are made of the same materials as your windshield wipers and they degrade over time from the salt and heat from your skin.

Also, most watches come with a factory sealant that is applied in a quick-hardening liquid. This can dry up quickly in everyday wear but will keep your watch dry until the first time it is opened.

When you bring your watch to Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs for a battery change we will make sure your watch is checked for gasket condition and other areas affected by opening the watch. If you want your watch to be returned to factory specs, be sure to tell our battery tech. At Fast-Fix we can replace the gaskets, sealants and check the level of water resistance.


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