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Marilyn Monroe had it right-diamonds are a girls best friend. The Queen of England also likes her (really) big diamonds too. Maybe you have inherited a stone from someone in your family or your fiancé has given you one of his family’s stones. At any rate-if you like diamonds you are in good company.

One of the best diamond stories in the world is about the Premier Diamond. One day January of 1905, a supervisor was coming up the mine at the Premier Mine in South Africa and noticed what looked like a piece of glass sticking out the side of a shaft wall.

He used his pocketknife to dig it out of the wall. What emerged was a 3106 carat, completely colorless, completely clean rough diamond roughly the size of fist, promptly named the Cullinan after the man who discovered the mine. One side of it was flat; leading the experts to speculate there was another half to the rough.

The stone was sent to Amsterdam for the Asscher house to cut. Mr. Asscher, the patriarch of the house, studied the diamond for three months before attempting to cut the stone. The first blow broke the cutting blade in two and the second resulted in a clean break exactly as planned. While the onlookers cheered, Mr. Asscher gently slipped to the floor in a dead faint such was the stress of the first cut.

The result were nine major stones all residing in the Tower of London with the first two being the two largest faceted diamonds in the world. Your diamond may not be the biggest in the world but you don’t have to be the Queen of England or Marilyn Monroe to enjoy wearing diamonds.

Come to the Fast-Fix Jewelry Repair at the Baybrook Mall and let us design a new setting for your diamond. We can take a picture of your stone and using our Digital Goldsmith computer design program can place it on thousands of different mountings.

Now you can see your design BEFORE it is made to know exactly what it will look like when it is done. We can also make a great color print of your design to take with you so you can put it on the refrigerator to let that special someone know what you want for Christmas!


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