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At our Baybrook Mall location, our skilled jewelers, watchmakers, watch repair professionals, and smartphone technicians perform most of our services onsite in our store.

Featured Services

*Some services vary by location

Jewelry Repair

For expert jewelry repair services done on-site, while you shop, look to the skilled craftsmanship of our jewelers. As members of the Jewelers of America, Fast Fix Jewelry and Repair specializes in repairing and restoring jewelry.

Watch Repair

Keeping you on time is what we do best. Need a watch battery replaced, band links removed, modern watch repaired, or pocket watch restored? Let our expert watchmakers repair or restore your timepiece repair while you watch or shop.


Engrave your gold, silver, platinum or glass item – while you wait. Our skilled craftsmen can engrave your message, logo, or design on glass, metal, even plastic. Bring in your jewelry, plaque or award, or browse our wide selection of gift items.

Custom Jewelry Design

Let our expert jewelers help you create something truly one-of-a-kind. From custom wedding rings and bands, to anniversary rings, mother’s rings and one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces; we work with you to create a piece that is uniquely your own.

Mobile Device Repair

Is a cracked cellphone screen making it hard to read your messages? Having trouble charging your mobile phone? Whether it’s water-damaged, not charging, or a cracked screen our skilled smartphone technicians can repair your phone, often while you shop.

Eyeglass Frame Repair

From broken eyeglass frames to a missing screw or hinge tightening, we repair most eyeglass frames including metal, plastic, wood and titanium frames and hinges. Our eyeglass frame repair service ensures you receive fast and convenient attention.

We Buy Gold & Diamonds

Our highly skilled Fast-Fix jewelers will carefully examine each individual piece and test it with industry-leading equipment, ensuring you get paid top dollar and are treated fairly. We do all of our testing right in front of you, determine a price, and you receive payment the same day.

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