Pearl & Bead Restringing

Pearl Bead Restringing

Do your favorite pearls or beads need repair?

At Fast Fix Jewelry Watch Repairs you can have your pearls or beads quickly and professionally repaired – usually in about an hour. Even with the best and strongest thread, your pearls or bead jewelry will eventually break. Why? Because as the thread or wire ages, it become weak from exposure to body oils, perfumes, cosmetics and normal wear-and-tear.

To avoid having your jewelry break at an inconvenient time, we recommend having your pearls or bead jewelry restrung about every six months.

Whether it’s your turquoise beads, fine Tahitian, South Sea or luscious chocolate pearls, or your fun every day beaded necklace or bracelets, we’ll take exemplary care. Our expert jewelers are knowledgeable and skilled on all methods of pearls and bead restringing.

We will determine the best stringing methods and use the highest quality silks or beading wires available.

When it’s time to update their look, talk to a Fast-Fix jeweler about adding some gold beads or an exciting new clasp.

All repair services performed on-site. Select a location below and drop by or call us today!

We will restring your pearls or beads while you shop!